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Parking Situation Change!

Church Parking lot no longer available for UTSC!

The Webster Presbyterian Church has notified us that parking in their lot or spaces is no longer permitted. Vehicles may be towed. Parking for the club is limited to the first two rows by the Conoco Station, around the building and along the street in the back. Thank you for continuing to be considerate to our neighbors.

Help Wanted

Since UTSC is cleaned and maintained on an "all volunteer" basis, we could use your help anytime you see something you could do to make things better here at the club.  Keeping the club clean, locked up and cool all depend on as many members as possible taking on a little responsibility.

Things you might be able to do:

       Take out the trash.

       Clean the coffee table.

       Wash cups/spoons in the sink.

       Sweep the hall.

       Mop up coffee spills.

       Make sure the front and back doors are locked before leaving.

       Turn the air conditioner on and to 80 degrees during the day in between meeting times.

       Not adjusting the air conditioner below 70 degrees at any time.

       Shutting the air conditioner, lights and coffee off before leaving at night.

Whatever you do to help, Thanks.  

We're glad you're here with us!

Club Membership Meetings

Club membership meetings are held on the third Monday of each month.  Please feel free to come and participate.  We want your help in making decisions here at the club. 

See you there!



In September 1997 the Fresh Start AA Group decided to move to a location that was all non-smoking.At the same time, a number of AA members decided to form a club that would provide the Fresh Start Group and other 12 Stepgroups a place to meet that was a non-smoking facility.They decided to name the club the Up The Street Club, Inc. The clubís first location was in League City.A year later (Oct. 98), the clubmoved to itís present location in Webster, Texas.Although we have been challenged by parking problems, we still have a good relationship with the owner of the shopping center where we have our club.Our lease is good for two more years and there are no plans to move to another location.Additionally, UTSC has not now nor ever entertained the idea of joining with another club in the area.The rumor that the UTSC lease would not be renewed and we would be relocating with another club istotally false.

In fact, our present plans include improving our existingfacilities.We recently put in new carpet and tile. In the future, if youshould hear any other rumors about UTSC we suggest you check them out with us before you believe them.

Rennovation Complete !!


New Carpet & Tile installed in all rooms.

Kitchen counter top replaced.

New Coffee maker INSTALLED!

Water fountain INSTALLED!

It just keeps getting better !